Feast of Tabernacles Kelowna BC - Webcast

We will again be webcasting Feast services from Kelowna.
Here are some things you'll need to know.

We had some technical difficulties with the server today and hope to have todays service up tomorrow afternoon. Thank you for you understanding.
  • You will need RealPlayer to listen or watch the webcast. You can get a free version of RealPlayer here: www.real.com. Please note that you only need the free version. Not the free trial, which is different.
  • If you have any questions or run into any problems with the webcast please contact us using our online form.
  • The online Bible and Hymnal are now working.
  • If you would like to follow along in song with us please use our online hymnal.
  • Do you need a bible? Well we have one of those for you too: online bible.
  • If you want to see all the activities that are going on you can download the Festival Brochure. You have two choices formatted for online reading or for printing. They are both in PDF format. You can obtain a free PDF reader from Adobe here: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html.
  • All times scheduled are Pacific Daylight Time. This is the same as Vancouver, BC; Seattle, WA and LA, CA.
  • To listen to services click here: Listen. The link will work starting about 15-20 minutes before services.
  • To watch services click here: Watch. The link will work starting about 15-20 minutes before services.

DateSong LeaderSermonetteSermon
Friday, Oct. 6th
Opening Night
Robert Berendt   Anthony Wasilkoff
That You May Learn to Fear the Lord Your God
Holy Day, Oct. 7th
Howard Davis Lorne Davies
What if…?
Robert Berendt
Sunday, Oct. 8th
Robert Berendt Mike Erickson
One Key to Having a Successful Feast
Howard Davis
Global Eden Without the Serpent
Monday, Oct. 9th
Howard Davis Joe Sheperd
Learning from the Good Samaritan
Anthony Wasilkoff
A Feast of Thanksgiving
Tuesday, Oct. 10th
Robert Berendt David Campbell
King of Beasts
Rainer Salomaa
King David
Wednesday, Oct. 11th
Howard Davis Warren Poffenroth
A Time to Celebrate
Feast Video
Life Anew in a New Land
Thursday, Oct. 12th
Robert Berendt   Dan Deininger
Esau, Edward and You David Palmer
Father and Son
Friday, Oct. 13th
(Youth Day)
Two youths   Mike Bennett
Happiness is... Robert Berendt
Being a Believer Puts You in the Majority
LGD AM, Oct. 14th
Howard Davis Glyn Davies
Onward Christian Soldiers
David Palmer
Learning to Judge Righteously
LGD PM, Oct. 14th
Robert Berendt   Howard Davis
Beyond Space and Time: The Church in a New Universe